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Miami is an important city in the United States and is also known as the Magic City. Being the Latin American capital of the United States it is natural fund man to be a very busy City and for it to be a top commercial, financial, tourist metropolitan the world. This makes Miami one of the busiest and most important cities in the United States in a lot of aspects and that leads to the demand for a high number of private investigators in Miami.

Best Private Investigators in Miami

Having a population of more than 5.5 million inhabitants diversity is a main part of Miami and has an incredible tourist flow every year planning from a walking 10 million to 20 million tourists per year. This makes Miami and the west palm beach a hotspot for private investigators. The cases that are most popular in Miami and the quad with the most private investigators are related to infidelity, child custody, child support, locating people and collecting debts, personal background checks, business background checks, verification of assets and trust, and tracing. All of the services are provided by us at a very affordable price, keeping in mind how important these services are for the people.

Drakonx, the Best Private Detectives in Miami

Drakon X is a private investigative agency that provides you with the best and the most competent private detective in Miami, Florida. We dedicate our services to the common people who need good investigators. Our prime goal is to provide the best investigative services to corporate, and common people regarding any kind of problems that you may face and legal paperwork and dressings that you need to do. All of the services are provided at a very affordable rate. That is the sole reason why Drakonx has become one of the top players in the private investigator’s space in Miami.

Want to hire a private investigator in Miami? Then you are at the right place if you want the best price and the best detective at your disposal. Without any hesitation contact our private investigator agency now to get in touch with the best and most competent investigators in Miami. Areas covered by us include Miami, West Palm Beach, Lauderdale, and neighboring areas along with the rest of Florida. Feel free to contact us for more details on the locations and services provided.

Family and Personal Investigations

There are a lot of things that can be considered family and personal investigation which include a lot of cases that we cover as an investigative agency. These include locating people, premarital investigations, divorce investigations child custody investigations, child support investigations missing children investigations, missing person investigations teenager activities checks, and background checks along with personal profile reports and cell phones and computer forensics. These are the investigations that come under family and personal in our investigative agency and you can feel free to contact us for more details and packages on the following.

Corporate investigations

After family investigations, the most common need and demand of private investigators are by corporate houses. There are a lot of services needed by corporations that require investigation and detectives. These services include disloyal employee investigations and workplace undercover investigations. It also includes sexual harassment and internal investigation along with background checks on employees and executives. Other than that the most common corporate investigative services include workers compensation claims investigation and civil litigation support. Vendor vetting investigations and criminal activities investigations are also offered by us at exclusive rates. All types of cell phone and computer forensics are also done.

We also provide insurance support and investigation. If you need any more details you can contact our agency and get any details on any type of investigation that you need to be done.


Workers Compensation Investigations
Disability Investigations
Life Insurance Investigations
Alive-and-Well Verifications
Automobile Liability Investigations
Product Liability Investigation
Personal Injury Investigations


Civil Litigation Support
Criminal Defense Investigations
Witness Locate and Interview
Heir Locate
Assets Tracing
Civil and Criminal Background
Civil Rights Violations
Frivolous Lawsuits
Police Misconduct Investigations
Government Corruption Investigations
Sexual Harassment Investigations
Financial Fraud Investigations
Criminal Organization Investigations
Cell Phones Forensics
Computer Forensics


Executive Protection
Protection in International Travel
Protection in Court Hearings
Protection in Public Events
Land, Air, and Maritime Secure Transportation
Risk Assessments and Management
Proactive Security Intelligence
High-Risk Employment Termination
Geo-Political Assessment

Private Investigator near Miami

Private Investigator near me:

We have a private investigator near you to investigate your case. With our extensive network of private detectives, we cover all Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Monroe County, and the entire State of Florida.

Private Investigator Miami Florida
Private Investigators Miami Dade United States
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Private Investigator Miami


Private Investigator Miami:

Our team of private investigators is available to handle your case in Miami and throughout Florida, including Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Monroe County. We provide professional and discreet investigative services tailored to your specific needs. Contact us for assistance in Miami and surrounding areas.

Private Investigator Miami Florida

Private Investigators Miami Dade United States

Private Investigation Miami Fort Lauderdale

Private Investigations Miami Coral Gables

Private Detective Miami West Palm Beach

Private Detectives Miami Doral South Florida

Private Investigator Miami services are crucial in Miami, Florida, as they provide valuable assistance in various cases. From conducting surveillance to gathering evidence, Private Investigators in Miami Dade, United States, possess the necessary skills and expertise to handle complex investigations. With their extensive knowledge of the area, Private Investigation agencies in Miami also serve nearby locations such as Fort Lauderdale, Coral Gables, West Palm Beach, and Doral in South Florida. These highly trained Private Detectives understand the local dynamics and are adept at uncovering the truth discreetly and professionally. Their services are invaluable when it comes to protecting individuals, uncovering fraud, or resolving legal matters

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