Private Investigator Miami Orlando Los Angeles Havana


Private Investigator Los Angeles Miami Orlando Havana

Drakonx is a premier, first-class international private investigation, security, and intelligence firm, a trusted leader in confidential services, closed protection, and risk management solutions. Our experience, training, cutting edge technology, strategic planning, and an extensive worldwide network of resources allows us to solve, on time and successfully, our client’s most critical problems.

Drakonx Investigations is a family-owned fully licensed and insured private investigation, security, and intelligence firm, with offices, strategically located, in Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, and Havana. The firm is duly registered as a Contractor with the US Federal Government. Furthermore, it is the only agency to offer private investigative services in Cuba. Since being established in 2003 had assisted several investigative and security agencies, corporations, law firms, and high profile clients internationally with excellent results achieved. The professional staff is composed of highly trained private intelligence specialists including surveillance investigators, risk assessment specialists, background detectives, bodyguards, undercover agents, and an extensive network of resources around the world.

As licensed private investigators and detectives we operate within the legal limitations established by the law, but with the highest level of aggression to obtain unparalleled results.

CAPI: 25425 | FLPI: A1000095 | CAPPO: 16170 | FLPS: B1700404


Are you trying to locate debtors, defendants, witnesses, missing persons, runaway children, loved ones, relatives, friends, heirs, deadbeat parents, and more? We are experienced-skip tracers and we can find them! How to locate someone?

Do you need to locate real estate properties, motor vehicle properties, businesses, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, hidden assets, as well as active judgments, liens, and bankruptcy records, for individuals or businesses? We are experienced assets researches and we can find them!

Do you need to obtain an FCRA-compliant background check for your employees or tenants? Or do you need to obtain a full background check on someone else? Our searches include but are not limited to local, state, and federal civil, criminal, traffic, judgments, liens, UCC, bankruptcy, evictions, foreclosures, watch lists, driving records, credit reports, and more. We are experienced background specialists and we can find the good, the bad, and the ugly of any person! Background Checks. Why do people lie?

Do you need to verify the existence, cleanliness, integrity, and reputation of a business? Do you suspect the business being involved in illegal activities, accusations of fraud, harassments, unethical practices, regulatory violations, bribery, or links with disreputable individuals or organizations? We are experienced due diligence investigators and we can find the good, the bad, and the ugly of any business!

Do you need evidence of unfaithful activity, cheating spouse, irresponsible behavior, drinking problems, drug-addictions, illegal activities, unreported income, among other unacceptable conducts, to be used in the court of law to ensure a fair division of property, alimony, child custody, child support, and of course for your peace of mind? We are experienced divorce-investigators and we can find the good, the bad partner! Signs of Infidelity

Do you need to obtain evidence to defend your business from false insurance claims? Is your employee lying about injuries suffered while working for you? Many fraudulent claimants actively work, workout at the gym, and keep a normal social life while they wait to receive a huge compensation. Do not let them get away with it. We are experienced personal injury fraud investigators and we can find the evidence your need to expose them! Signs of Fraud in Worker’s Compensation.


Private Investigator Miami Orlando Los Angeles Havana

Because each individual case is different, it’s impossible to explain every aspect of how we can help you without hearing from you first. We believe that having direct contact with the client is the best manner in order of initiating any special private investigative service. Please feel free to contact our professional private investigators at any time by phone or e-mail.

Phone / WhatsApp: 1-866-224-1245


If you are in need of hiring an affordable, experienced, and licensed top private investigators, look no further and contact Drakonx Investigations today.

What is the cost to hire a Private Investigator? How much would it cost?

Because each individual case is different, it’s impossible to have a standard flat fee that will fit all cases. To better calculate the cost of your case we need to hear from you first. Several factors are involved in the calculation of the final cost of an investigation, like the type of private investigators needed, the amount of information you can provide us, and how fast you need us to start the investigation. The easiest way to know the cost of your case is to contact us. Call us now at 866-224-1245.

Will Drakonx Investigations keep my case Confidential?

Yes. The whole case will be kept confidential and secret, not only because is the right way to conduct investigative and security services successfully, but also because confidentiality is required by the law. So, rest assured that your identity, the identity of the person being investigated or protected, the daily log, the results, and all communications will be kept secret.

Private Investigator near me:

Yes. We have a private investigator near you to investigate your case. With our extensive network of private detectives, we cover all the United States of America, Latin-America, and Europe.

Private Investigator Miami Orlando Los Angeles Havana

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