Infidelity, or cheating, is a form of disloyalty, is the breach of a sentimental exclusivity agreement by one of the partners, whether they united by marriage or not.

Common signs of infidelity:

• The cheater starts losing interest or stop, having sex with the spouse.

• The cheater arrives home smelling an unknown perfume.

• The cheater is lying about his/her whereabouts, activities, finances, etc.

• The cheater started being emotionally distant, ignoring and showing disinterest in the spouse.

• The cheater stops wearing their wedding ring at all times.

• The cheater asks the spouse not to show up at the workplace unannounced.

• The cheater start taking more care about their appearance, wants to lose weight, buy new clothes and underwear.

• The cheater all the sudden start working overtime and returning home late.

• The cheater increases business travel.

• The cheater changes its password on cell phones, tablets, and computers and prohibits the spouse to access them.

• The cheater constantly deletes text messages, instant messages, call history, pictures, etc.

• The cheater opens a separate bank account or credit card account, so the spouse cannot track the expenses made.

• The cheater starts demanding privacy, time away from home, time to be alone.

• The cheater becomes very flirtatious with the opposite sex or with someone at work.

• The cheater starts spending several hours every day out of the house, with the pretext of shopping, fixing the car, etc.

• The cheater keep limiting the communication with the spouse.

• The cheater gets easily angered, irritated, mad very often, especially when confronted with questions.

• The cheater becomes overly critical of his/her spouse, saying things like “This marriage is not working” or “I am not happy here”

• The cheater deliberately starts a fight as an excuse to get out of the house.

• The cheater all the sudden become very interested in the spouse’s daily schedule to track his/her comings, goings and places.

• The cheater spends a lot of time on the phone and then change the screen, turn it off or move to another room if the spouse approaches.

• The cheater increases the frequency of visiting or going out with friends.

If you are seeing 3 or more of these signs in your spouse, or partner, chances are that you are dealing with a cheater. Asking him/her questions is not going to solve your problem because they normally get very defensive. Instead, call us today, we are experts in finding the truth, obtaining evidence, and expose cheaters.

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