Top Detectives at Your Service in Miami 

Miami is a buzzing city in the United States and is also known as the Magic City. It is a very busy City and a top commercial, financial, tourist metropolitan in the world. This makes Miami one of the busiest and most important cities in the United States in a lot of aspects and that … Read more

People Locate. How to locate someone.

PEOPLE LOCATE People Locate, also known as a Skip Trace, is an investigative process conducted with the objective of obtaining someone’s current contact information like phone, email, social media profile, school, workplace, and residence. Most people have conducted basic investigations to locate someone they know, someone like a relative, a friend, a past co-worker, ex-partner, … Read more

BACKGROUND CHECKS Why do people lie?

BACKGROUND CHECKS Why do people lie? Such a simple question should have a simple answer but it doesn’t. People normally lie for “Fear” in order to protect themselves, “Manipulation” in order to influence others and obtain what they want, and “Pride” in order to feel important and successful.  Let’s face it “People Lie”, so Protect … Read more

Signs of Fake Injuries on Worker’s Compensation Fraud

SIGNS OF FAKE INJURIES ON WORKER’S COMPENSATION FRAUD As an employer you can follow all safety rules, create a happy and safe work environment, pay your employees on time, manage internal conflicts, stop illegal acts, and more, but you can never ever completely eliminate fraud from the workplace, especially Worker’s Compensation Fraud, a fraud that … Read more

Signs of Infidelity. Cheating Spouse. Love Affair.

SIGNS OF INFIDELITY Infidelity, or cheating, is a form of disloyalty, is the breach of a sentimental exclusivity agreement by one of the partners, whether they united by marriage or not. Common signs of infidelity: • The cheater starts losing interest or stop, having sex with the spouse. • The cheater arrives home smelling an … Read more

Drakonx Havana Private Investigator Detective

Drakonx is a Havana Private Investigator in Cuba. We work with care and confidentiality to solve our client’s most sensitive matters on the island. Drakonx Havana Private Investigator is a premier, first-class international private investigations firm, a trusted leader in confidential investigations and protection in Havana, Cuba. Our experience, training and cutting-edge technology, allows us … Read more

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