People Locate, also known as a Skip Trace, is an investigative process conducted with the objective of obtaining someone’s current contact information like phone, email, social media profile, school, workplace, and residence.

Most people have conducted basic investigations to locate someone they know, someone like a relative, a friend, a past co-worker, ex-partner, biological parents, biological children, debtors, defendants, among others, using basic locate investigations techniques like:

Basic Locate Investigations:

– Searching on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, etc.
– Searching on Google
– Searching on White Pages
– Searching on paid online databases like Intelius, Been Verified, etc.
– Contacting common friends or relatives to obtain current contact information

In many cases, the correct use of these basics techniques and the results obtained will lead to the current contact information of the person we are looking for, but in most cases, it is necessary to dig deeper using comprehensive locate investigations techniques like:

Comprehensive Locate Investigations:

– Obtaining identifying information about the subject like full current name, date of birth, social security number, driver’s license.
– Locating the last SSN activities to uncover current phone numbers and home addresses.
– Locating utility services (electricity, gas, cable, etc) to confirm if the subject still lives on a specific residence.
– Locating the address where the mail is being delivered for the subject.
– Locating the current workplace and professional license.
– Checking civil and criminal records to find out if the person changed his/her name or is currently in jail.
– Checking old and historical records.
– …and many other secret techniques that only licensed private investigators at Drakonx can legally use.

If you have been unable to locate that particular person using the basic techniques, then it is time for you to hire us today so we can conduct a more in-depth, manual, and comprehensive investigation to locate that person.

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