“My truck was stolen, I need you to help me!” the call started from a desperate client. “My son just turned 18 years old and since a few months ago he started raising money to buy a truck. While it was not enough I offered him my help to complete the payment, but first, we had to find the truck he would like to buy. My son then searched for several internet sites where they offer used cars for sale and although he found several that he liked he decided on a very nice double cabin truck that cost only $5,000. We called the phone number of the seller and confirmed that he still had the truck and that he would gladly show it to us.
“The next day we met with the owner in a shopping center in our city and we were surprised by the quality with which the gentleman, his first and only owner, had taken care of the truck, his painting and upholstery were in excellent condition and after driving it around, my son was convinced that it was the truck he wanted to buy.

“The owner, an old man, humble, good-natured and nice, confirmed that now that he had retired he wanted to buy a new truck and needed to sell this one to use that money as down payment. The gentlemen had not brought the title of transfer, but that was not a problem because he will give it to us the next day. However, the registration of the vehicle was in his name as shown by his driver’s license. We decided then to pay him the $5,000 in cash and we were left with the truck and the registration because my son was afraid that the gentlemen would sell it to someone else if we did not buy it at that time.
“That afternoon my son cleaned the truck and conditioned it to his liking, it was his first car of his own. He was very excited. The next day the truck was gone, it simply vanished during the night.”
The first step when a crime occurs, and robbery is an offense obviously, is to report the fact to the police, but as my client was not the “registered” owner of the lost vehicle, we had to contact the seller to proceed to report it. Interestingly the seller’s phone was off, and my client only remembered a few details of his driver’s license, Lucky that his son had taken several photos of his new toy where the number of the plate was stamped.


We started the investigation immediately, and in less than 24 hours and after several investigative techniques we discovered that what appeared to be a robbery was, in fact, a very rigged fraud.
The owner, that good-natured gentleman, turned out to be really a career crook. Indeed he was the owner of the truck, therefore the sale had been legal, but he intentionally did not deliver the transfer title. Nor did my clients sign a contract of sale, not even paid by check or money order, but in cash.
The crook had a locator in the vehicle and at night, when no one was looking, he took possession of it with a third copy of the key he kept. We located the address of the crook, visited and bingo; there was the truck, “the very body of crime”. Unfortunately, as there is no evidence of buying and selling, the claim litigation had to be based exclusively on a verbal contract. We found then that the crook already had two lawsuits against him, of two other victims, for scams similar to those of my clients, plus two other small claims for debts that completely ruined his credit.
As he was a career crook he had already prepared himself in advance with his anti-demands shield because apart from that truck he had no other property, no retirement, and no money. The goods he enjoyed were under the name of his partner, with whom he was not married. Thanks to the evidence provided, my clients won the claim but could never recover their money, or the truck. The dream of the son became a sad nightmare of fraud, lies, and deceit.


For your own protection, always be suspicious, never make any transaction without signing an agreement, avoid paying cash, never buy under pressure to lose the opportunity, a very common tactic used by crooks, and never buy a vehicle without receiving the title deed signed by its rightful owner.
Beware of fraud, but if you need my help, call us at 1-866-224-1245 or visit us at https://drakonx.com/
By Private Detective Fernando Alvarez
March 28, 2016


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