The scams, the frauds, the deceits, the lies, and the betrayals, are the type of cases that are presented very often in our offices, and when we believe that we have already seen everything, we get one more surprise, a different case. I once received a woman in my office with a case that initially seemed like a very common family situation. This is what she told me:


“I live with my 12-year-old daughter, I have an average job and I have been going out with my current boyfriend for three months, he is a very affectionate and hard-working man but at the same time a little mysterious. During the last two weeks, he was living with us, helping us a lot, and taking care of bringing my daughter to school while I was working. Everything was going great. He convinced me that we needed $2000 to start a small computer repair and home security cameras business. I always had the dream of having my own business and I thought this was the opportunity to restart my sentimental life and work-life with him, as a team. I agreed to use the tax refund money as soon as it arrived, but a few days later he was very desperate for not being able to get that money right away. To help him, I decided to borrow the money from a friend of mine and he agreed. The day after I had handed him the money, he left happy and ready to buy the necessary tools for the business, but since then he has not returned home, he has not called me, he is keeping his phone off and of course, he has not returned me the money either. I do not know what has happened to him because of everything fine between us.”
My first question to the anguished woman was: Why do you think he is mysterious? “Because he knows everything about me and I do not know anything about him, I have never met his family or friends. He introduced to me at the beginning with a name and then one day while I was organizing his clothes, I saw his driver’s license and found that their surnames were different, and also by other details that I observed with the days passing by.

It would be interesting to understand how the human mind works and why do we trust, so easily, in each other, without feeling the need to inquire, check and verify the information before making any decision, especially in these times where the media inform us daily of how abusive the human being can become. Maybe it’s the instinct that always accompanies me for my work as a detective, but anyway, my work is not and will not be judging people, but to investigate and discover the truth, and that is what I did in this case too.
Our team of detectives began the investigation with the objective to identify and locate my client’s boyfriend so she could get her money back and find out why he took the decision to cut the relationship so suddenly. The information we had was little, but still, we managed to finally identify him and get the results we were looking for.
While my client believed that the real reason for the “disappearance” of her boyfriend was because of another woman, the situation was more complex than we thought. The subject dragged several debts behind him, the address he used on his driver’s license was from a mailbox, the vehicle he drove had its license plate expired, and even worse, this “caring and hard-working man” who “took care of bringing the daughter from school” was registered as a sexual predator on a child pornography case. While this information would greatly help my client to make a better decision in her life, still did not answer the question about her boyfriend’s whereabouts and of course, of her money. Our investigation determined that for several weeks our subject was not reporting to his assigned parole officer. We also discovered that he recently had another incident involving minors and that after his “disappearance” he had crossed the border in an attempt to evade justice, but not before having kept the money of some more people. The disappearance had been planned beforehand, his situation was getting complicated, and needed some money to escape to the other side of the border and my client was easy prey. $2000 may not seem like a lot of money, but for a fugitive who is trying to escape is a big help.


I presented the results to my client and she was shocked, she could not believe it, but there was no doubt, the evidence was clear. In addition to being unexpected without a boyfriend, (of course she would never go back with him), and without her dreamed own business, had been left with a debt of $2,000 and the horror of thinking that the treasure of his life, her 12-year-old daughter, had been exposed to a danger which is better not to even think about it. Mistake, frustration, and fear were clear feelings on her face. She would never have imagined herself in a situation like this.
No matter how many times we hear the phrase “Blind Trust is Dangerous”, we always end up trusting; trusting is not a bad thing but we must always verify those with whom we are going to share money, goods, the care of our children and of course, our own lives. If businesses and government agencies always check the background of those who apply for a job, why should not we make the same inquiries about those people in whom we are going to place our trust? The so-called “Due Diligence” applies not only to businesses before they sign contracts with other businesses, but in all those matters that can affect our life and our family. Never feel bad for investigating the person with whom you are going to unite your life. For your own sake always check. Remember what the teacher said, “…be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”
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April 4, 2016
By Private Detective Fernando Alvarez


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