I received a call from a woman who told me: “I suspect my partner is being unfaithful to me, he is no longer acting the same with me, his attitude has changed toward me and he is spending many hours away from home without a good explanation. I just want to know the truth to make my own decision, especially now that we are waiting to receive a credit line.”


Infidelity is a very common type of case that we receive in our offices every day, but these are often accompanied by certain ingredients that make them very special and dangerous, financially speaking.
“I was widowed several years ago and with the sweat of my forehead I ended up paying my house and my car. Two years ago I met Jose (name changed), my current partner, although after the loss of my husband I had no interest in a new relationship, the time, the expenses, and the solitude made me change my mind. Since we began to live together, Jose helps me with the expenses of the house and the trips that we made together. About two months ago his attitude towards me changed, he no longer wanted to visit my relatives, nor go to church with me as we did before and he was coming to the house too late; I asked him on several occasions why his change and finally he replied that it was because economically he did not feel at ease, that he needed to change his lifestyle and live better, Then he suggested that we get a loan on my house to have more money available, make improvements to the property and be able to vacation more. I have never been in favor of living on credit but I agreed. He found the real estate agent to begin with the loan process and we are waiting for the line of credit. His attitude changed again, he returned to be more effective with me, but he is still arriving late to the house and I am worried that he has another woman, if so; I would cancel the loan and end my relationship with him.”
During the following days, we kept Jose under surveillance to determine what he did during his free time, what places he visited, and who his friends were. In my experience, infidelity comes afloat in a few days; we just need to be patient. During his spare time, Jose visited friends, certainly not so reputed bars and the real estate agent’s office. While visiting these bars, he was very flirtatious with the female bartenders, but there was no indication that he was having a relationship with any of them. Obviously, my client would not be pleased to know that his partner frequented these bars, this was not the Jose she knew.
Based on some of the results we obtained and to the analysis we made of the case we began to see that perhaps Jose’s attitude was not due to another woman but rather to a macabre fraud in progress. I asked my client to see the copies of the loan process but it was not possible because she did not have copies of any of those documents. She as the owner of the house signed all documents but did not get copies of them. I also asked her if she could read in English, and her response was also negative. This smelled bad! From the beginning, it seemed very rare for a real estate agent to be the right person to process a bank loan. I contacted an old colleague of mine who besides being a private detective he was also a real estate agent with many years of experience in that field. We plan a strategy with my client and the result was a success.
A few days later, and by appointment, my client received in his house the real estate agent along with Jose, to sign some of the loan documents, but since everything was already planned, my colleague and I walked into the house minutes later and my client gave us the documents she was about to sign at that time. My colleague reviewed the documents and told my client aloud “These are not documents to request a loan but documents to transfer your property to another person, whose name has not been written yet.” Jose and his agent panicked, his “theatrical act” had fallen apart and the fraud had become evident. The real estate agent burst into tears because she knew the legal consequences she could face and asked my client for forgiveness at the same time as she described in detail Jose’s plan to keep the property and the money she was paying her to carry out that process. That was the perfect opportunity to inform the crime to the authorities, but my client made the decision not to proceed against any of them if Jose picks up his belongings at that very moment and disappeared from her life, forever. There is no need to say that my client never saw Jose again.


For your own sake, always be suspicious; never sign blank documents or documents that you cannot understand, either because they are written in another language or in a very technical language. Always consult with a lawyer or a professional to avoid becoming a victim of a fraud like this one.
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April 11, 2016
By Private Detective Fernando Álvarez


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